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D day… 28 Nov 2008

It was a hectic week! I’m on my toes every single minute trying to get things done before I go on leave.. As fate would have it, more and more last minute crop up happens. I think I just need to take off.

There was no plan, or ratjer the plan was reviewed over and over again. Well my only objective was to go for an adventure, an adventure where I have to start thinking and work my brain a little to solve unforseen problem… Damn a hell lot of problems I face. Firstly, electronics. Gps, Camera, iPhone, charging etc. Travel light has always been my mantra and I installed a cigarette charger to my bike – 65 bucks. Then the USB charger and now I got the power for the gps and now finally the maps. Luckily, I met Lao uncle from the forum who gave me the maps to Laos and Thailand. And these from a perfect stranger just from the forum! Great! There is now the insurance for my travel. I’ll never get lost now. I also want to thank simon foe the USB socket charger. I solve my power supply issue.

I made no plans, the plans I shared with experience bikers were met with a bewilderment and amazement… I guess I could have overestimated my ability, so again, I’ll let fate decide.

Last night, I only came home around nine plus, tired, items not packed, gps not prepared. Quickly set up the gps packed briefly andgo to bed.

The day started at six and I only reach GP at 0830. There began my ride to hatyai. Weather was cool and I was making 140 avg. Breakfast was at Ayer keroh, lemak wrap. It was interesting and taste good! After breakfast, I can’t imagine I did 5 hours ride straight and only stop to pump petrol and go. I was feeling fresh. No fatigue or sleepiness. Riding through traffic keeps your senses straight.

Uneventfully, I reach hatyai. No major hiccups.

I reached sadao border at 4.30. 8.5 hours. Good speed. Customs clearance took a while. Left by 5 to hatyai. Terrible traffic. Most times it came to a standstill and my fatbike is not nimble enough to go through.

Decide to try the train station as I reach hatyai around 6.45. Great. The friendly porters just point me the direction to go. Train was still around; with 15 mins to go the porters went running around to see if I can hop on this train. Not possible. No space for bike. Ok. I think I’ll have to stay one night.

Found a Cantonese place Pee Lek. No. 59. Interesting: the uniform is no. 59.

Found a resort. No one speaks English. Ok 400 baht, it’s nice enough. I’ll stay for one night. As I enquire about payment by credit card, I found my debit card missing! Damn, i’m in deep shit, my money’s gone too…

Ok, calm down, they accept Malaysian ringgit too… I do have enough to last one night. Called UOB and ask them for help. Can’t do anything. Luckily, my credit card is place in another pouch, and it’s possible to get an advance from the card. It’s Saturday tomorrow… Will banks be opened? My adventure has just begun!

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Five nation ride

The new v-strom gave me dreams, dreams to travel and with the documentary of The long way down blasting in the background, the travel bug just screams to go out and do a road trip. A solo trip of new discoveries and searching for new directions. “the older I get, the better I WAS!”. Like my friend Weixi who is now going round the world, “there are some things that u have to do when young” and I’m no longer young anymore!

Longer holidays are also harder to come by now. With a longing heart and a powerful motor, it’s time to set-off to discover!

The plan was to hit Chiangmai, chiangmai rai, and more…

The programme are as follows:
Nov 28 – 9pm move out from to esso
Nov 29 –

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Recce trip at Taman Negara Ledang

On Sunday, 16th November, I went to GP town for petrol refueling and bike wash. I was pretty restless and decided there and then to shoot straight to Tangkak. I always do these kind of last minute trips on the spur of the moment. Always be ready for adventures. We gave mr foo a call and booked us a sumptuous meal. "八丁鱼"and some veggie. It took us a while to ride there. The fish was excellent as usual… I wonder how it was done and actually toyed with the idea of learning cooking from the chef himself. After two calsberg special brew and the sumptuous food, we went to the beef noodle place which had been highly rated by mr foo. Claypot beef. It was a different experiece eating the beef. Great food… I gained a lot more weight now. See the photo for the food.

My intention was also to recce the dam area for a camping trip in december. It was scheduled for Christmas for a bunch of bikers.

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